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"Max is the real deal. He’s a wealth of knowledge on the entire process of becoming and building a career as a data scientist.

His passion for helping people achieve their goals in this field is clearly on display with every webinar, course, and consultation that he graciously offers.

Just one call with Max is all it took to set me in the right direction, and I have no doubt that his work will do the same for you."
Markos K.

What will you learn in this free workshop?

What a data scientist is (and isn't)

… and de-bunking 3 of the biggest myths about data science

How I found $100k offers in my inbox

… plus 3 other kickass benefits of being a data scientist

Your 10-week data science roadmap

… and how to avoid the #1 mistake people make when they get started

About your host - Max

max schallwig

Max is a published Astrophysicist and self-taught Data Scientist who has been working as a Senior Data Scientist for the past 3 years. Over the course of a few years, Max taught himself Python, C, C++, Machine Learning, Data Science, Web-Scrapping, how to interact with APIs and Data Mining out of interest and pure geekiness.

Now, he teaches over 20,000 students across various online platforms the valuable and highly-demanded skills of programming and data science.

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“Max’s method combines theory with practical application, putting into place a much more visual goal.

It’s perfect for beginners, not only does it explain things well but it also gets you interested in the field.”

- Gretelle

“Max is very clear and easy to understand. Max clearly explains all concepts and makes you forget you’re a beginner.
Max also teaches you how to troubleshoot and think like a programmer, which most free courses also neglect.”

- Joshua

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