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How to Predict the Stock Market by Mining Social Media Data

Today, I want to talk about how insane social media is. In particular, how much information is buzzing within the social media realm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. With all this information available, there must be some way to harness it for world-domination (or… just predicting the stock market, I guess.)

This article discusses how this is possible and how you can set up a system to use social media data to predict the stock market! Cool stuff, right?

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9 Reasons Why Python is the Only Programming Language You’ll Ever Need

It’s no secret I love Python as a coding language. I love Python for writing complicated programs, I love Python for data science, I love Python for research – I even love Python for writing ridiculously lazy code to help check my emails.

Python is the main language I have coded in for the past 3 years, and it’s the language that is solely responsible for my successful career as a programmer and data scientist. Because I owe so much to Python, I thought I’d sit down today and sing its praises from the rooftops. Basically, here are nine reasons as to why Python is (seriously) the only programming language you’ll ever need.

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