About Me

Hey! I'm Max.

  • In June 2016, I graduated with a degree in Physics. (Fancy, right?)
  • I had worked for over two years in physics research and mathematical analysis.
  • I participated in two international physics competitions, where my two teammates and I won silver and gold. #casualbrag
  • My thesis was in the field of Quantum Biology, titled “Investigation of Dephasing Time and Energy Gap Fluctuations in Light Harvesting Systems”. (“What does that even mean?” – My girlfriend, 2016)

Instead of delving into a life of research and the lab, I decided to explore other possible options for my life and career.

I found myself more and more drawn towards programming, data mining, data processing, and data analytics.

So I decided to teach myself:

Python – C – C++ – Machine – Learning – Data Science – Web-Scrapping – APIs – Data Mining

Now, I thought I would turn the tables and teach you all the knowledge I've been able to gather to make you the ultimate programmer or data scientist.

The Team


Even though the name is CodingwithMax, it should really be called: CodingwithMax, brought to you by Deya and Max.

I’m just the guy that makes the course content (and is the face you see over and over again on the website).

Shoutout to my business partner who does everything else – project management, content development, graphic design, the blog, website development, photography, sales funnels, marketing/promotion strategy, email marketing, and lots of other stuff I don’t understand.

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