About Me

Hey! I'm Max.

  • After I graduated from university, I had no idea what I wanted to do and no idea how to apply my degree to my passions and interests.
  • I took on an internship to get going with my ‘professional career’ but found that I was feeling frustrated, bored, and stagnant with my work and lack of options and opportunities.
  • I found myself looking for more and stumbled by chance into the world of programming and data science.
  • Out of interest, I decided to slowly start teaching myself: Python, C, C++, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web-Scraping, and how to work with APIs. 

Flash forward a few years…

I now work as a Senior Data Scientist.

And I finally feel that I have it all: excitement in my day-to-day job, opportunities available to me, and freedom to live life on my own terms.

So now, it's your turn.

Allow me to teach you all the knowledge I've been able to gather, to transform you into the ultimate data scientist.

The Team

Even though the name is CodingwithMax, it should really be called: CodingwithMax, brought to you by Deya and Max.

I’m just the guy that makes the course content (and is the face you see over and over again on the website).

Shoutout to my business partner who does everything else – project management, content development, graphic design, the blog, website development, photography, sales funnels, marketing/promotion strategy, email marketing, and lots of other stuff I don’t understand.

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