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Vectorization: The Secret to Shortening Your Python Code and Making it Run 150x Faster

Today, I want to talk about something that honestly blew my programming mind. I was taking a course on Neural Networks and Deep Learning – the one by Andrew Ng, former head of Baidu AI Group and Google Brain.

And I stumbled upon a method I’d never encountered before to shortening your code and making it run 150x times faster.

Yes, 150 times – sometimes even 200 times faster. (I have screenshots in this article.)

You: “Get outta here, Max! That’s crazy talk.”

Don’t worry, I thrive off of disbelief. Let’s pack that skepticism into our carry-on, and get directly into the article. 

P.S. There’s a free treat for all that make it to the end of this article (come on, it’s not that long).

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